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Avoid burglary with our top security tips

When it comes to protecting your home, business, and belongings, you can never be too cautious or careful. It’s a sad fact that burglary is still rampant in our society, and it can be especially difficult for business owners, who leave their properties each day with all the tools they need for their livelihood inside. With this concern, how can you keep your home safe from thieves?

Here are 10 top tips for protecting your property:

Keep expensive items out of sight
Thieves might be less likely to break in if they don’t know what they’re breaking in to steal. Keep valuables out of sight, and locked away if possible. Invest in shutters for windows and doors to truly keep things out of sight of burglars, and make it much harder to get in if they do decide to take the risk.

Install motion sensor lighting
Motion Sensor Lighting can be an excellent deterrent, especially when installed near entrances and windows. Opportunists who may be thinking about burgling your property will think twice when they’re lit up for all to see.

Get to know your neighbours
Crime can be lower in close-knit communities. Plus, if they have a different schedule, or different opening hours (if you’re business neighbours) they might be around at times of the day when you are not.

Don’t leave tools lying around
Former thieves have admitted that they rarely carried tools when planning on breaking into somebody’s home; they would instead use items lying around the home. For more tips from a former burglar, check out this article.

Be aware of what can be seen through the window
Another tip from a former burglar is to be aware of what information you’re sharing with an eagle-eyed thief. Is your calendar on the wall, making it easy for them to see when you’re due to be out or on holiday?

Put lights on timers
Select certain rooms to have lamps on automatic timers, giving the illusion that somebody is home.

Invest in security grilles
It’s not always convenient to keep all the windows closed, so investing in some security grilles will mean your possessions are safe even on hot days. Plus, it will make it harder to break in through your windows.

Secure valuables in a lock box
Go the extra mile and obtain a lock box or safe for those especially important items.

Consider an alarm system
A security system can act not only as an initial deterrent but as a secondary one when it begins to go off.

Install steel security doors
Steel security doors can offer you peace of mind, security and style, and are far safer than standard doors.

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